Day 8-The State of Healthcare & The Power of Self-Healing

Today, Mando told me that our new President may be changing our health care system. The thought has stirred up a lot of emotions in me, family, friends, my community and people around the U.S. For these people there seems to be one common thread-fear.

Fear of change, fear of losing something fought hard for, fear that the future of our health is in someone else’s hands. While I can understand this fear and relate to it, I would like add something to this idea in hopes to rid you, too, of these fears if you have been feeling the same or if you have felt similar during any other administration in relation to healthcare.

As I said to Mando, the state of your health, is in your hands, none else’s. Not in a ,’you’d better shape up and eat only fruit,’ kind-of-way  but in a powerful way. No one else really has ever had any say over our health. No one can take away  our own power to heal ourselves. You have the power love and nourish yourself and lead a life you love any way you see fit. Whether it be through having a life coach, seeing a therapist, bird watching, going to church, running for public office, writing a book or talking to a health coach. It’s first through this self-love and self-care that we can radiate the newfound respect we have for ourselves into the world for others.

Some people peacefully protest, others set prayer and meditation circles. Consider writing or calling your senators if you want to help make a change, voice your opinion or support or disagree with a decision.

It may seem like too much work but if we continue to live in fear or anger because of the state of world we live in without first trying to find our way our of that fear, nothing will change. Life will not be without the absence of hard times, but your ability to be calm, adaptable, resilient- whatever the situation requires, is a much better thing to strive for than revenge or any other upsetting feeling that will ultimately leave you feeling the same.

When we come on hard times and times of fear, instead of running, search for a practical solution or examine that fear. One of the ways we can do this is by asking for help. We all need help, however, it’s not always something that’s easy to ask for. If you are feeling particularly down, lost or wronged, you can reach out to something that is provided for you just by believing. You may have a name for this already or have a practice for yourself, but what I am referring to are our angels. I first came to learn about the power of angels from reading Anthony William’s Medical Medium and again in Life-Changing Foods.

You can Call upon these angels out loud, if you need help with any of the following;

Angel of Mercy: by far the most powerful angel to call upon in your darkest hour-more powerful even than the archangels. She is one of the strongest angels in God’s Angelic Realm.

Angel of Trust: for help when you’re stifling to recover from a betrayal.

Angel of Healing: to provide temporary relief and/or to heal a loved one. (For long-term healing, you must call on other angels to help build you to a point where you can heal yourself.)

Angel of Restitution: she understands how the spirit and soul can be beaten down, and she can help you recover from emotional trauma. This angel will help you to resolve deep-seated issues.

Angel of Deliverance: this angel provides relief to someone who’s going through an earthly judgement-board unjustly firing a teacher. She can also help free your should from the imprisonment of fear and anger, and from the injury of deception.

Angel of Air: right after a frustrating encounter such as an argument, ask for the Angel of Air to cleanse the negative vibration that person passed onto you. Her special, purifying energy will change the frequency of the air around you to promote harmony. This is a powerful technique to change your frame of mind.

Angel of Peace: to help heal your mental distress and bring new seeds of hope and positivity.

Angel of Purpose: call upon her if you’re struggling with your purpose here on earth-if you’re numb or confused or worried you’re not useful to others or even yourself. If you’ve lost confidence in something or everything, the angel of Purpose will be by your side.

Angel of Awareness: people are always trying to be more present and mindful. It’s critical to summon the Angel of Awareness to make this intention complete-only then will you be fully in the moment. Also, if you want the people around you to be less judgmental and better communicates, you can call upon this angel to help open their minds.

*Info. from Medical Medium 

What we ate….


Trader Joe’s haul included-dried mango, zucchini, bell peppers, tomatoes, dried apricots, berries, bananas, celery, raw almonds, apples, pears, celery, mushrooms & avocado

Celery juice (AM)

Lemon cayenne water (A)

Smoothie bowl pictured below (A)


Banana, mango, cilantro, filtered water, apple smoothie bowl topped with sliced kiwi

Smoothie bowl (A)

Banana, maca, raw cacao arribe, coconut water smoothies (A)

Bell Pepper ‘Sandwich’ (A)


Lettuce stuffed first into the bell pepper, then the avocado mix- Avocado, tomato, red onion mixed w/leftover lemon, honey, garlic sauce & stuffed on top of lettuce.

Potatoes, avocado, carrrots, almonds (M)

Apple, lemon, ginger juice (M)

Apple, banana, dates (M)

Stuffed mushrooms w/bellpepper, garlic (AM)

Zucchini soup (AM)

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