Days 9 & 10-A Weekend Without Booze

Day 9

We started our Saturday with celery juice and smoothies made by Mando. We were a little off of our routine because we ran out of wild blueberries but the smoothie was still delicious and we grazed on fruit and nuts throughout the morning as well. Later that morning I went with Mando downtown to get a haircut. It’s always a food test for me because everything is so tempting there-there’s tons of delicious good and bad food that’s masked as good for you, it’s the worst!

But as it turned out, nothing was open in the area we were in. Which was actually to be worse because I was on the hunt for something and somewhere to go and read while I waited for Mando. I ended up in Starbucks which is crazy because I never go there, and remembered why soon after I left-it’s not good. I got a Matcha Latte, which I allowed on this cleanse but not this type, definitely a broken rule, and it turned out to be terrible and I regretted it. I wanted to go read somewhere and I felt the need to buy something to do it. Why is it that we feel the need to buy something in these situations? Maybe it’s just me but I felt like I had to get something. Lesson learned.

That night I went with Mando and a couple of friends to the Women’s Match in San Francisco. It was a great gathering of people of all races, religious beliefs and sexual orientations coming together to remind those who run the political offices in our country that we have voices, opinions desires and most of all RIGHTS. The march was a beautiful and peaceful event. The rain couldn’t stop us from chanting but eventually stopped my group from marching as I was the only one in rain boots. I was fine to leave though as we were headed to dinner although my excited thought soon turned to dread when I realized that we couldn’t eat much. Or drink. I wasn’t sure why that was important to me, because drinking is a social thing and taking that out of the equation can feel a little different or awkward and because, well, I like to drink.

This was the first time we were out among alcohol and couldn’t have it and I was actually a little nervous about it. I was afraid that at the vegan sushi restaurant we were at I’d want a Sapporo to go with what I imagined would be, l’ess than’ food because what I really wanted was the sticky, white rice rolled tightly in nori and stuffed with veggies.

I had to snap myself out of it and order something. Mando and I felt bad enough limiting what others could eat by asking our friends to eat at a vegan restaurant, to which they happily obliged because they are truly kind souls. I decided to make the best of it. I snapped open the menu and immediately saw what we could have-a vegetable soup and kale salad to share. The only issue was the the soup had tofu. It was organic however, so I decided to OK it for the order. It turned out to be a great order.

Our dinner mates kindly asked before ordering beer in our prescience to which we of course, said please do. I had been feeling a little constipated at the march so when I saw a papaya smoothie on the menu I was ecstatic! I’d remembered what Anthony William said in Life-Changing Foods about them and how they really help to soothe constipation. I ordered one immediately and was happy to have it was we chatted with our friends and they drank beer.

The next day we definitely noticed a difference drinking. I’ve been less puffy, bloated and tired. It’s also given me more clarity and we save money not spending it on alcohol. Mando mentioned noticing a difference as well.Who knew this cleanse would become just as much about what we’re drinking as what we’re eating? Surely, not I.

What we ate…

Celery juice (AM)

Raw almonds (AM)

Smoothies-cilantro, banana, berries, mango, water (AM)

Banana & strawberry smoothies (A)

Apricot Date Bars (AM)

Matcha Latte w/almond milk (A)

Japanese sweet potato made by Mando


Japanese sweet potato stuffed w/avocado, tomatoes, roasted pepper, lettuce, onions


Papaya smoothie to the rescue! 



Day 10

Had a not so great day. Realizing how difficult this whole cleanse is when I don’t plan and I don’t always want to plan ahead. Life just gets in the way. I was irrationally angry at work today because we didn’t have a salad that I could eat for lunch and I didn’t plan ahead and bring something else and there weren’t any places around that had something I could eat.

Mando kindly offered to meet me work so that we could share a to-go box of veggies from their food line. It was really nice to have him do that as it’s not always easy being the only one to plan food. I think he realizes this from time to time and makes up for it. More than that actually! When he met me at work however, he caved and had on of our cold brew coffees. He was tired and had been wanting coffee and I reminded him about what I said at the beginning, that this was about bettering our health, not feeling bad about a slip up here or there.

Later that night I was upset by some news but instead of pouring a glass of wine or hitting the Grub Hub app for something fried, I cried on the couch and talked to Mando about it. I  was really proud of myself that I handled an upsetting situation much better than I have in the past. I didn’t freak out and I didn’t turn to food or alcohol because I couldn’t and I think that helped.

I cheered up later that evening and had fun making dinner because I love romenesco! I remember first seeing it when a friend bought it in Spain. I didnt know what it was then or ever think to cook with it. She opened my eyes to a lot of new things including nutrition and when I cooked it tonight, I thought of her and that made the meal even that much more enjoyable.

What we ate…

Lemon cayenne pepper (A)

Maca Malt -Banana, cacao arriba, coconut water, raw almond smoothie (A)

Cold brew coffee (M)

Dates (AM)

Apricot Date Bars (AM)

Pear (AM)

Lentil soup (M)

Whole Foods box-artichoke, sprouts, olives, cauliflower, greens, carrots,onions, mushrooms, potatoes, beets (AM)


Roasted romesnco cauliflower with lemon juice and cold-pressed evoo, steamed zucchini w/sauteed bell pepper, garlic and mushrooms, spinach & avocado


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