Mirror Work and Matchas

Last week I got an email from HayHouse radio about mirror work. After watching the video I decided that I wanted to try it and so decided to take the advice in the video and try in out for seven days.

The Challenge 

The challenge is seven days of mirror work for five minutes per day, one minute per time that you do the work. So if you need to spread your minutes out, you can. Just make sure you total five minutes each day. Who knows, this may be the only alone time you get all week! Or maybe your job requires you to be alone most of the time, like me, this work will still offer more intimate time with yourself in order to heal from the inside out.

What Do I Say To Myself? 

I love you. I really, love you. (insert name here), I really love you.

What you need to do mirror work

  • mirror
  • willingness
  • good attitude

What is mirror work?

What’s the point of mirror work? 

Mirror work is all about self love. Learning to love yourself in a safe space without judgement from the world or yourself. It’s a chance to connect with your deeper self and you may even find some answers to some questions you’ve been pondering.

It’s important to have fun with it. Make goofy faces and be silly, get back in touch with the child inside you. If you have a hard time doing so, just watch a child as they play and goof off in the mirror.

Day 1-2-For me so far, mirror work has helped me have an important conversation with my boss that I’m not sure I would’ve had to the courage to have if it wasn’t for this work. I also credit my affirmations although I find it hard to make time to say them in the mirror and mostly write those out. That’s why I wanted to challenge myself by stepping it up with some mirror work.

Day 3- I started this day with mirror work and I think it made all the difference with my attitude and tone for the rest of the day. I also ended my day with mirror work as well. I like this approach and feel like I’m getting into the groove.

Day 4-I was proud of myself today for making the time to do mirror work and doing it on my phone in bed when I was too tired to do it in the bathroom. Posting on Instagram writing this blog help me stay consistent.

Day 5-I was on such a high the first four days and then day five hit and I was immobile. A lot of things went into making this day bad but I’m sure it had something to do with my not doing any of my mirror work… I was grumpy upon waking up and really didn’t feel like going to work on Friday. It would’ve been perfect time for me to do some mirror work but I didn’t make time for it and instead went into work in a funk. The day went downhill from there mostly because I let it with my thoughts and because I spent most of the day outside in the cold.

Once home, I again avoided my mirror work and instead took a long nap. Which I don’t regret because I obviously needed it, but wish I had made time for it because I know it would’ve helped brighten my mood even if just slightly. I got up after Mando got home from work and I continued to have a rough night. I was thinking about my Mom a lot and feeling bad about things. So I just let myself feel things, get the rest I needed and skip the mirror work. Self forgiven.

Day 6-Back to and feeling good. Didn’t start the day with mirror work but still did it and that’s something to be proud of. A little distracted but snapped myself out of it by making silly faces and having fun with it. It reminded me of the joy I had in childhood and now I’m seeking that joy a lot more.

Day 7-I have to admit, I got lazy and was easily distracted today. I was doing other things while doing my mirror work like cleaning the sink and mirror around me. I also began plucking my eyebrows. I think the mediation music help me concentrate more and when I do it in the future, I’ll make sure to put some on. Although, I am glad I became comfortable enough in my bathroom to do it without fear of being heard.


Overall, I really liked the mirror work and think it had an impact on my mood and ability to relate to people throughout the week. It was definitely uncomfortable at first but I’m glad I pushed through it and found a routine I like. I’m still not sure how I will be consistent about it, however.

Any suggestions are welcome! In the mean time, I haven’t made time to do any mirror work since but have been telling myself I love myself when I catch my own face in the mirror. It makes me laugh even though I don’t think it’s silly at all because it’s true, I just love myself! How about you?


Matcha Recipe 

I have to admit that I’m certainly not the guru of matcha and there are plenty of people who could rightfully claim to know much more about it than I. None- the -less, I like it and have been wanting to drink less coffee, I’ll share more about why in a future post, so that’s why I’m sharing with you how I’ve been making it for myself.

The original recipe if from a Lee From America blog post, said matcha guru, who makes an amazing looking cup-o-matcha buuuut-I didn’t have all of the ingredients.

So I made a version with what I had below that you can try if you’re down. If you like green tea, you might be. Be mindful that it is caffeinated although it won’t give you that jolt coffee does, maybe for some people but not me. More like a workable energy than psychosis to crash.

Resources on Mirror Work…

Robert Holden

Louise Hay


Super proud to make my first matcha latte!

1 tablespoon organic matcha, try to get authentic Japanese matcha if you can

1 teaspoon coconut cream or coconut oil, I prefer the creme and sometimes I use 1 tablespoon (I know, wild child!)

1 1/2 cups filtered watering, near boiling

Raw honey

1/3 nut milk I used homemade cashew milk you can find the recipe here. Or if you’re pissed that I even mentioned that it was homemade because you don’t have time then just buy it. But it won’t be as good or as good for you. Trust.

Note: I’ve made the lattes using both warm and cold milk and I prefer the warm. Be sure not to boil it. Lee From America even gives a temp if you wanna check her recipe.

What to do…

  1. You will need to sift’ your matcha so it’s not all clumpy. I don’t have fancy matcha tools or any matcha tools so I used a small, netted strainer and strained it right over the blender. It worked!
  2. Pour in water, milk and add coco oil or creme & honey if adding.
  3. Blend on low-medium for 3 minutes.

Some like it a little sweeter so test it out and add more honey or even coconut oil or creme.



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