Day One Of My Four Day Detox

Day one was all about easing into it which was nice. I got up early and journaled some feelings, didn’t some homework then went to the kitchen for my 8 ounce glass of water and to make breakfast. I also read the 4-Day Detox Plan I printed while I prepared my food so that I could see the focus for the day and read the material provided for the first day.

This included making sure to:

-Eat in a quiet environment. I was able to do that as I was up earlier than everyone else in the house and I ate alone at the table. I was instructed to leave the TV off.

-Find one thing to give away. It was a great coincidence that I had planned to go to the thrift store that day with Mando to donate some clothes. I accomplished this and it felt great.

-Try dry brushing. I began dry brushing and I just love the way it makes my skin look and feel. I didn’t realize how dry it was and just how much I needed it. I was beginning to get little pimples on my chest and this is helping. Ideally you want to do it for 6-8 minutes before showering in a circular motion toward your heart. Do this gently for a internal massage and to stimulate digestion. It also helps with circulation.


Breakfast-Apples, blueberries, blackberries that I picked, spirulina, ground flaxseed, lemon juice

While preparing my food, I realized that I didn’t make enough food after I used all of my apples for that first breakfast. But I didn’t panic, luckily I’m not working right now and hiccups like this don’t affect me as they would’ve while at work. I’m really grateful for that. Not many people have the time, place and support to focus on their health as I do in this moment in time. It must be noted because I’m extremely blessed.

After I prepared my breakfast, because I like my apples cut fresh, and my lunch so that I could eat right away when I got home, Mando and I went to two grocery stores to get more food. We first went to Ray’s, a chain grocer out here with a decent organic section, and Grocery Outlet. I highly recommend going to one if you have one in your are because they have great products at great deals.

But I don’t recommend shopping during the detox. There’s just so much stuff that you can’t have, it’s too tempting and the images stay with you. Having said that, I tried my best to avoid even looking at products I couldn’t have and just bee-lining to the things I could. I’ve found that now more than ever, surrounding myself with the things that I can enjoy that are good for me are vital to keeping me on track, health and happy.

For instance, I’ve come to really like tea. At, fist I’m not even sure that I liked it. But after all the research I did on the link between caffeine, specifically coffee and ovarian cysts, I needed to find something else to get into. You can stop a bad habit without replacing it with something. We all need joys in our lives and I know how important coffee is for many of you like it used to be for me. A way to treat myself. To wake up. I deserved it. But more on ending my relationship with coffee in a later post.


Lunch-Wild Salmon, brown rice tossed with flaxseed, ‘liver cleansing melody’ see recipe below. Also, a little sautéed purple cabbage

The reason having enough food and having the things you like that are good for you, is so important is so that you literally don’t have it there to eat. Except when your partner gets one of your favorite snacks, kale chips, and proceeds to eat them in the car outside of the sort, parked with no intention of moving and the smell of them has filled the car. This time though, it wasn’t about being prepared. There were apples in the car if I wanted them. But it wasn’t the apples I wanted. By the time we got back to the Navarro house, my hunger had subsided. I reminded myself of what the meal plan had said about asking yourself if you were really hungry or was it something deeper?

In this case, I knew that I wasn’t really hungry, just wanting the food because it smelled good. This has been a good lesson about what I wasn’t to surround myself with during the cleanse and to sustain me for life. Let’s just say I’ve learned that I shouldn’t spend the rest of my life going to carnivals without eating first lest I dive into the candy corn and god knows what else. Or continue going to bars when I don’t drink anymore so why do it?

Day one meal plan

Here’s a peak at my eating plan for the detox on day one. I like to mark things as I eat them so that I don’t forget what to eat when.

Breakfast-Something cleansing for the liver is great in the morning as it has worked all night to detox and could use the boost with cleansing.

Apples-Fiji and Granny Smith, Blueberries, Lemon juice, 1tbl. ground flaxseed, blackberries

Snack-Usually this is the hardest part for me because I like to snack HARD. Sometimes, I just snack all day instead of eating meals. But this can lead to low blood sugar and my MD pointed out that during my fasting glucose test, I dropped a bit low so I’m working on keeping it balanced.

Grapes, tea (Numi caffeine-free Turmeric Root), water

Lunch-this should typically big the biggest meal of the day, even if you have seconds, because digestion is best at this time and it keeps you from eating more during the other two meals.

Wild salmon seasoned with turmeric, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, himalayan salt and freshly ground black pepper

Liver cleansing melody-massaged kale, red onion, av oil, a little himalayan sea salt and apple cider vinegar

Dinner-I could choose between Quick Veggies Soup of Mung Bean or Lentil soup. I had lentils so lentil soup it was. It came out so delicious and was easy to make so I’ll share it below. It did cross my mind that I would love a chunky piece of sourdough to go with it but when I felt that hunger between bowls I remembered to fill that craving with something else, a second bowl of soup.


Vegan Lentil Minestrone as taken from the 4-Day Detox Plan by Flo Living 

Recipe for Minestron Soup

Lentils, cooked separately and added at the end, I used green and cooked them in my rice cooker, 1 part lentils to 2 parts water

1 quart water or vegetable broth I used Pacific Organic Vegetable broth it’s seriously the best, just veggies and water


2 Zucchini & squash, I only had zuc

Frozen green beans I used fresh

1 can crushed tomatoes make sure the can is BPA-free

pink himalayan sea salt and freshly ground black pepper




Sauté onion, garlic, salt and pepper in large pot with avocado oil for a few minutes. Then add the sliced carrots for a few more minutes.

Add water or broth and cook until carrots are softened a little.

Add zuc and squash if you have it, crushed tomatoes & string beans.

Add lentils when finished.

****Tell me, are you on the Flo Living detox too? Have you ever considered doing one to help symptoms you’re having? Check out more here and take a quiz to find out your v-sign.

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