Endometriosis Aggravators

There is a lot of information out there floating around about endometriosis. You may have heard that it’s the body attacking itself or that brith control is the best remedy.

What you may not know is that have heard is what is causing endometriosis and how exactly to being your path toward healing. It begins with looking at some of our favorite products and places to live work and play.

The toxins I’m talking about are known to aggravate the EBV living inside the reproductive system. In fact, endometriosis isn’t the only ailment with toxic buildup as the culprit. Women with cysts and other reproductive problems can blame a toxic load in the reproductive system caused by products and environment.

Here’s a general list of products to check on EWG.ORG (there are two different pages for cleaning products and personal products), and see where they rate on the toxicity scale-1 being the lowest rate of toxicity and 10 being the highest:

  • Laundry Detergent
  • Soap, body and hand
  • Shampoo
  • Dish soap
  • Lotions
  • Shampoo, conditioners
  • Other hair products like hairspray, moose, etc.
  • Cosmetics-lipstick, mascara,
  • Carpet cleaners
  • Glade plug-ins and other air fresheners
  • Heavily sprayed areas like parks and golf courses or chlorine-filled pools-I basically grew up on a golf course and spent a few years working as a beverage cart salesperson and can’t help but wonder the affects the chemicals had on my hormones
  • Sunscreen
  • Perfumes, body sprays, etc.
  • ‘Scented’ anything-from garbage bags to tissues try to avoid scented products even if they are organic. If they are scented there’s a big chance there’s something toxic in it unless the natural ingredients such as essential oils are listed
  • Toilet paper
  • Tampons, pads
  • Clothing-regularly doused in formaldehyde
  • Bed linens, mattresses, towels,
  • Electronics-phones, lap tops, computers, iPads, etc.
  • Cooking and baking dishes, pots, pans-solvents
  • Plastics in your kitchen like from Tupperware and other containers that possibly contain BPA
  • Paint
  • Carpet cleaners

Toxic environments are necessary to avoid as well if possible, if we want to find some healing from out symptoms. If you are eating well, supplementing properly and still wondering why you are having symptoms check to see if you are living, working or spending any long amount of time in any of these places:

  • Golf course-these are heavily sprayed with pesticides to keep the grass green-
  • City Parks/Playgrounds-Also heavily sprayed with pesticides
  • Chlorinated Pools-I think we can all see how swimming around in chlorine can’t be good for us. Luckily, now there are a lot of living pools in communities to visit where the water isn’t chlorinated
  • Having a job as a groundskeeper, housekeep or any other jobs site where toxic chemical, products or materials are prominent and being used
  • Homes currently cleaned with carpet cleaner
  • Freshly painted homes, apartments or buildings
  • Homes, apartments, buildings and workspaces with mold 

It may seem unfair that we have to do so much work to avoid certain products, swap out for cleaner ones and worry about the consequences of the frequency of our use.It seems unfair because it is unfair especially since big corporations profit off of us getting sick and continuing the use of their products for the low prices and frankly, just because we’re use to it.

The bright side of this, as I’m really trying to see lately, is that I am appreciative to have these experiences to now know the truth and to be able to share them with you so that you can make your own choices and possibly save you or a loved one a trip to the doctors or worse, an illness exacerbated by something as innocent as the liquid you use to clean your clothes.

So what can we do? For one, don’t be down and out about the present state of toxic products, environments in the U.S. We have the power to vote with our dollar and support the companies, products and DIY tips that support non-toxic living. We can avoid toxic products and find better ones.

We can ask to become aware of the instances in our lives when we can learn a lesson that will better serve us in the future. For me, it was an experience I had that provided the opportunity to see what I had learned and read put into action. A few months ago, I was in a room with a Glade plug in and almost immediately I could feel pain in my groin and head.  I was amazed by how quickly it affected me. I’ve also heard of people finding out their local park spraying schedules and avoiding on the parks and playgrounds on those days.

So what if we have made the switch from toxic to clean, what about the years of toxicity our livers encountered? Consider a safe cleanse such as Medical Medium’s Liver Detox Cleanse which can be found in his book Liver Rescue. Today is the first day of the cleanse for me to jumpstart getting rid of my own toxic load from years of using these products so I can fight the EBV in my reproductive tract head on.

Making the switch from toxic products doesn’t have to be work. Have some fun with it! Start with seeing how the products in your cabinet rate over at EWG.ORG and follow along my Instagram journey for inspiration.

Do you have any experience with toxic products/environments affecting your health? 

Do you have any clean products that you use and love? Or ideas for avoiding toxic environments?

Please share! 🙂

Information from Medical Medium

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