Traveling with a Reproductive Illness

Travel can be such an amazing experience, travel when you have a reproductive illness, however, can be a pain in the ovaries. Literally. Not just from the stress of travel itself causing flares but because of the toxins that pop up where you’re staying which also cause flares.

If you’re not sure exactly what products and places to look out for check out my blog Endometriosis Aggravators to get an idea.

IMG_0052 (1).PNG

A few of the things I bring with me to places I stay-vinegar for cleaning, epsom salt for soaking in the tub and removing toxins

I’ve made a list below of some of the things I bring with me to help avoid flare-ups….

  • Toilet paper-many toilet papers are made with dyes, fragrances and chlorines that no doubt get through the skin and into our bodies. I also try to be more environmentally conscious and choose recycled paper.
  • Dish soap-There is usually a toxic dish soap in the homes I rent. Although one rental had organic dish soap it still had a fragrance that was bothering me so I replaced it with a non-scented dish soap.
  • Paper towels-For the same reason as the tp because I dry my food like celery with paper towels if I don’t have a clean kitchen towel.
  • Berkey water filter-their travel size is well, best for travel for obvious reasons. With all the things in our water these from nickel to medicine, having a traveling filter or even drinking bottled water is better than drinking out of the sink.
  • Vinegar, essential oil, baking soda-for natural cleaning. You could also get cleaner like Seventh Generation I recommended the unscented kind.

Epsom salt bath at one of my Airbnb’s 


-Unplug Glade plugins and any other air fresheners-these are often the most toxic things in a home and should be immediately unplugged. If you need something to freshen the home you are staying try sage or an oil diffuser with essential oils.

-Rewash towels and sheets with your own laundry detergent-this helps get any toxic detergent or bleach smells and toxic fragrances out.

-Open windows when you get there to air out the place.

-Bring something small to make it your own-I like to have a plant with me that helps to make me feel like I’m at home and comfortable.

-Unpack & move in right away-this helps with less moving stress and helps you to feel more at home.

-I would bring a blender over a juicer if I HAD to choose for space reasons and just juice through a nut mylk bag after blending.

-Get products without fragrances. Even when they are organic ‘natural’ fragrances, they can still be toxic.

-I also try to get a bathtub everywhere I go because they’re great for stress relief and detox from any toxins you’ve ingested especially if you add some epsom salt to it.

Living/staying in someone else’s house brings certain amount of stress with it but one of those stressors shouldn’t be toxins.

Please let me know if you try any of these tips and find them helpful 🙂

What helps you to stay flare-free on the road?



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