~digestiNG LIfe~

We all experience the world in vastly different ways. How we interpret the sounds, smells, tastes of the world is uniquely our own. It’s when we understand our unique interpretation of these things and follow these cues of desire and individuality, I believe, we invite more opportunity and flow into our lives. When we have the ability to live in our unique digestive design we are more open to receiving the nourishment we need to thrive.

I believe in the same way we digest information, feelings, words spoken between lovers and friends-we also digest food as nourishment into our bodies. Depending on our individual experience we may have spent a lot of our lives dysregulated from developmental trauma. These experiences can have physiological impacts such as disrupting the gut microbiome.

If you have experienced digestive health issues your whole life and have exhausted all of your other options, the root of your digestive symptoms could be unhealed trauma which typically stems from a dysregulated nervous system and living outside of our unique digestive design.

In my course Digesting Life I have compiled the same nervous system information, trauma education, self discovery tools and regulation practices that have helped me to get rid of painful symptoms and improve my life. This course is all about creating an environment for you to flourish. I believe that just like we aim to create an environment for good bacteria to thrive, we can aim to create a life for our souls to best thrive in, too. Using the education and tools I’m sharing in the course, you can see shifts not only in your digestive health but in your alignment to your soul.

Digesting Life includes….

Ten course modules plus two bonus modules with various prompts, regulation practices and tips and tricks on how to create an environment that is conducive to your Unique Digestive Design

Module 1-Digestive Health & Trauma Module 6-Determining How Your Nervous System Tends

Module 2- The Gut Brain Module 7-Hunger and Satiety

Module 3- The Digestive Process Module 8-Nervous System Regulation for Better Digestion

Module 4-The Nervous System Module 9-Breath work for Mealtime

Module 5- Environment Module 10-Your Unique Digestive Design

Trauma and The Gut

In one study conducted on individuals who reported having a history of developmental trauma also reported having IBS.

The ACE study reported that households with mental illness, emotional abuse and incarcerated household members were significant predictors of IBS although any form of developmental trauma can lead to issues with the gut.

In this course you will learn to heal your microbiome by healing trauma.

Astrology and Digestion

As part of Digesting Life I have included two bonus modules that will give you a richer understanding about your individual digestion and how to best support it. 

From this module you’ll learn what planet rules digestion, how to find the sign and house it lands in your natal birth chart and what that means for your digestion specifically.

Human Design-Discover your Digestive Type

Human Design is another tool that helps us to understand how we were meant to do life in this lifetime. What environments, lifestyles, relationships and pursuits light us up. 

In this second bonus video I’ll teach you how to uncover your digestive type (there are six, each one with a subtype), the characteristics of your type and tips and tricks for how to best optimize your digestion according to your type.

Often the missing component of good digestive health is trauma recovery. The link between how we digest food and how we respond to stress and trauma is greater than we know.

Ashley Marshall

One-off coaching sessions are designed to help you integrate information learned in the course, ask any questions, clarify information and receive help with the astrology and human design modules and determining what they mean for you.

*One off session are $50 dollars and will be available anyone who has completed Digesting Life prior to the session

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Let me guide you to better digestive health.