Days 4&5-A Fight in the Park Leads to Pomegranate Bark

I’m still not sure what’s detoxing more, toxins from our bodies or our toxic emotions. Mando might be crankier than I’ve ever seen him and I’m annoying him because, ‘it’s easier for me than it is for him.’

That might be true if you look at my history of unhealthfully skipping meals or waiting too long to eat. It became a habit while working in the food industry and trying to make the perfect meal at home.

But hearing him saying it today again for the twentieth time made me snap. I’ve actually been eating more often than I typically do throughout the day because I worry I’ll be hungry and because I’m finding that I want to. I’m listening to the growl in my stomach and giving it what it wants and trying to eat a little something or drink a juice or smoothie, every couple of hours.

Mando on the other hand isn’t eating enough I think it’s because he can’t wrap the idea of eating fruit for meals and then more fruit for a snack, and then more fruit for dessert with some vegetables in between. I totally get it and I’m not judging, I understand this feeling and I’m grateful that he’s even willing to give it a go with me. So I’ve been trying to be a positive listening ear in the kitchen crafting plant-based meals.

But today, it got the best of me. After meeting up with him when I got off work in downtown SF, we bickered at the park over nothing. Him probably because he was hungry, me because I was sick of him complaining about being hungry.

I was beginning to regret asking him to do this with me at all.

We let each other cool off, more like stormed away from each other, and in doing so I took some time to think. I thought about how this cleanse is bringing up feelings and emotions of not having enough which can make a person feel vulnerable and unsuccessful. It also conjures up the same feeling in other aspects in life if you’re already feeling that way. It was apparent that along with stripping away the fried food, coffee, wheat and sugar, I was unveiling some raw emotions and feelings not yet dealt with. I thought about all of this on the walk back home and wondered if Mando had felt any of these same emotions.

When we reunited we decided to give each other a break and acknowledge that bad feelings will come up. He admitted having felt a little lost in the first few days that we had thrown ourselves into this cleanse but appreciated the clarity and liked talking with me about it. For dinner Mando went out to eat with his brother which was nice so that I could have some alone time and reflect and all that had happened earlier. I made really tasty lettuce cups for myself, pictured below, and it made me happy to make myself a pretty plate of nourishing food.

Benefits I’ve noticed so far on this cleanse…

-Better mood-me at least 😉

-More calm in tense situations

-More ENERGY!-I’m usually sluggish after work and again in the early evening but I’ve had more energy during these times and actually went to bed later with more energy the next day!

-Smoother skin-Already I’m seeing results in my skin-it’s less bumpy and I have less redness and swelling in my face. Might be the no booze 😉 Hmmm….

What we ate…


Lettuce Wraps w/ mango, avocado, red onion tomato, lemon juice and RADISH! super detoxifying of heavy metals & don’t be afraid to put some radish leaves in the mix too, they carry a ton of nutrition as well 🙂

Lemon cayenne water (A)

Dates (AM)

Apples, orange (A)

Detox smoothies-wildberries, cilantro, banana, filtered water (AM)

water (AM)

Raw nuts (M)

Lettuce Wraps (ingredients above)  (A)

Sweet potato, raw cacao chips, raw honey, cinnamon (A)

Cauliflower puree (M)

Day 5

Through all the crankiness, hunger and the time-consuming task of preparing all meals and snacks for the both of us, I have had some beautiful moments as well. Moments which wouldn’t have happened had we not decided to do the cleanse.

I’ve noticed that Mando and I are spending our time doing different things. Time not spent out a restaurants or in bars has been spent reading more, going on walks, hanging at the park and writing. It’s less time thinking about food, obsessing and making it the topic of the day.

I made a stew for dinner that dinner turn out too exciting. Mando didn’t like that I put nori in it. Too fishy he said. I wanted to incorporate it for it’s heavy metal detoxifying properties but I think I’ll continue to try being creative with it in dishes while keeping in mind how it affects dishes.

I’ve just recently begun to enjoy having dessert even though I spent most of my life never really having it. For this detox, the craving for dessert was even stronger. But last night after my sweet potato dessert, I had some constipation and cramping. Probably because potatoes take a lot to digest and I had it pretty late. Because of this I knew I wanted to switch it up. I’ve recently enjoyed bananas and apples with raw honey for dessert but tonight I really wanted to do something different and treat ourselves. The recipe is from Life-Changing Foods and even though it may not be ‘cleanse-approved,’ I don’t care because it incorporates pomegranates and they offer so much in nutrition and more! *see below

What We Ate….


Stew-ingredients below 

Lemon cayenne water (A)

Detox smoothies-wild blueberry, strawberry, cilantro, fresh spring water (AM)

Apple, orange, nuts (A)

Banana & strawberry smoothie  (A)

Raw cocoa arriba, maca, coconut water & banana smoothie (M)

Cherry tomatoes, blackberries, kiwi, orange (A)

water (AM)

Dates (AM)

leftover cauli ‘rice’ w/eggplant, avocado (M)

Apple, peanuts (M)

Cauli wrap in nori (A)

Stew-filtered water, mushroom, radish, garlic, cilantro, cumin, nori, Heirloom carrots, red onions, leeks, celery, nori (AM)

Steamed then roasted potatoes (AM)

Pomegranate Bark (AM)


Pomegranate Bark from Life-Changing Foods recipe below 


Pomegranate Bark from Life-Changing Foods 

10 ounces at least 60 % cacao chips *I used 95% raw cacao chips

1/4 cup coconut oil

1/4 maple syrup *I omitted and it still turned out great

2 cups pomegranate seeds

Mix cacao chips and coconut oil in a small saucepan over low heat until melted. Add syrup if using and spread an even layer on a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Press pomegranate into chocolate and freeze for at least 30 minutes.

This will definitely be on repeat! I LOVED this recipe and I love pomegranates. Especially now that I know all the great things they are good for!

  • Brain fog
  • memory loss
  • alzheimer’s disease
  • insomnia
  • dementia
  • adrenal fatigue
  • diabetes
  • confusion
  • calcifications
  • weight gain
  • persistent hunger
  • hair loss
  • muscle cramps
  • leg cramps
  • ear pain
  • eye floaters
  • itchy skin
  • liver heat

Emotional support-Pomegrantaes are a critical food for the person who struggles with impatience on a daily basis-and doesn’t believe her of his impatience is the problem, but rather everyone else is to blame. Pomegrantates point this person toward composure, compassion and patience.

Eat one or more daily to reap the most benefits!

*All in for from Life-Changing Foods 

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