Days 16, 17, 18-Nourished

Day 16

Over this he weekend we were anxious to get out of the house. Only one problem-what would we eat? I did some searching for raw food and found Nourish Cafe. And boy am I so glad that we did! It was the perfect place for us to eat out during our cleanse as they had an array of smoothies and a nice menu with organically soured ingredients.

Because it was just a short walk from where we were, we decided we wanted to do something enjoyable and get outside even though it’s cold. This cleanse has gotten me to do a lot of things out of my comfort zone like enjoy colder food particularly lots of smoothies has been something very different from what I usually eat when it’s cold. But it doesn’t mean we don’t need the nutrients. Water is a great example of this. We tend to drink less when it’s colder but it doesn’t mean that we don’t still need water in colder seasons.

After our meal we decided to go to baker beach. It was such a peaceful time there that it was hard to go. But we were getting chilly and were lucky enough to come upon a bookstore/cafe which was just what I had voiced out loud that I wanted! It was such a great little place to buy a cheap used book, small meal, coffee or juice. Just perfect for what we wanted. I got a fresh squeezed orange juice and was surprisingly satisfied with that. Mando got coffee but opted for decaf. We had a nice time reading and checking out the books there before heading home.

What we ate…

Celery juice (AM)

Wild blueberry smoothie w/cilantro (AM)

‘Tuna’ Salad (A)


‘Tuna’ Salad and Spicy Vegetable Soup from Nourish Cafe

Spicy vegetable soup (M)

Baker Beach smoothie-Banana, cacao, dates, almond milk w/ spirulina (AM)

Strawberry & banana smoothie (AM)

Pear-a-dise smoothie w/spirulina, pear, pineapple, banana, orange juice, honey, fresh mint (AM)

Dried apricots, dates (AM)

Decaf Coffee (M)

Fresh squeezed orange juice (A)

Filtered Water (AM)

Sushi w/avocado dipping sauce (AM)


Nori rolls w/ creamy avocado dipping sauce from Life-Changing Foods 

You will need…



jicama (I didn’t have this so didn’t use it)

scallions (I used green onions)

atlantic dulse

nori sheets

  • Slice all veggies into thin sticks or spiralize. Assemeble the rolls by layering each veggie.
  • Wet the wrap.
  • When finished, tightly roll the wrap.
  • Wet the knife and slice.


1 avocado

1 lime, juiced

1/4 cup cilantro

1/4 jalapeno

`1/2 medjool date

1/2 cup filtered water

  • Put all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth. Serve with nori rolls.

Mushroom & zuchinni noodle soup (AM)


Filtered water, spiralized zucchini, mushrooms, onions, garlic

This soup turned out OK. I’m going to continue working on it and create a recipe if it’s good.

Day 17

I really wanted to get in some exercising today so after some writing Mando and I went for a hike. I found a bus from San Francisco that takes you to the Marin Headlands so we hopped on that and did a hike that put us in Sausilito! It wasn’t really what we had planned and it was a cold, windy hike at times but certainly worth the beauty and exercise that we got out of it. It was a beautiful day so we walked around the town for a bit before we realized we would have to get something to eat.

Again, without a plan, we scanned the many cafes and restaurants before finding one that let you put veggies on a bed of lettuce-sold!

We shared the dish pictured below and felt satisfied enough. We were hopping back on the bus home so we didn’t need much. We also snacked throughout the hike and had water as well. As we were leaving I was surpassed to see that Mando had a skin breakout. I immediately thought what the culprit could’ve been. Some oil they cooked the veggies in? Or the oil I had asked for when my cashier asked if I wanted dressing. Then I remembered seeing Sysco products in the kitchen when I was waiting in line for the restroom.

This has taught me that just because you think something is safe to eat, it isn’t. A lot of restaurants use cheaper products for reasons of convenience and cost especially bad oils so it’s always best to try to avoid these.

What we ate…

Dates, dried apricots, bananas, apples, oranges (AM)


Marinated mushrooms, brussels sprouts, roasted roma tomatoes & grilled eggplant over mixed greens

What we ate….

Water (AM)

Banana, strawberry smoothie (A)

Banana & almond & coconut smoothie (A)


Day 18

Back at it on a Monday and nothing exciting was had today. I also didn’t get a good recoding of what we ate. But feeling great and light weight.

What we ate….

Blue green algae extract (A)


Banana, strawberry smoothie (A)

Baked potato stuffed w/ veggies (AM)

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