Days 11 & 12-Lazy Days


Day 11

I’ve been lazy with food preparation and cooking altogether. Mando has been good about putting up with my baked potato meals that aren’t at all interesting but fill us up and when I put in a little effort, the flavors are good.

I did put some effort in my lunch today because I was pretty hungry. It turned out to be really satisfying and I think I’ll keep it on the permeant fast food list. My incredibly simple recipe is below.

What we ate…

Lemon cayenne water (A)

Smoothie-cilantro, peaches, berries (AM)

Pear, banana, dried apricots (A)


Cucumber salad-Cucumber,  cherry tomatoes, avocado, spinach, cilantro

  • Wash your produce. Peel the cucumber and spiralize it or peel it with a peeler.
  • Don’t forget to toss the ends of the cucumber from your spiralizer in the dish!
  • Add avocado, spinach, sliced cherry tomatoes, garlic, lemon and top with black pepper & plenty of cilantro

Avocado, nuts, banana (M)

oranges (AM)

Baked potato stuffed with onions, mushrooms (AM)

Day 12

One of the reasons it’s easy for me to be a little lazy about this cleanse is that I can lean on my work to provide me with plant based salads, juices and smoothies. They’ve been an incredible help during this cleanse and honestly, I’m not sure I could’ve done this without them.

Not only are their products filling but they taste good too which matters when you are eating the same things day after day for 28 days.


What we ate…

Smoothie (AM)

Dried apricots, nuts, berries, banana, apple (A)

Cashew caesar salad (A)

Avocado, nuts, carrots (M)


A peak into my Cashew Caesar Salad from work-cashews are used to make the parmesan ‘cheese’ and dressing and dehydrated vegetables are used to make the croutons. It’s completely organic, vegan & follows all my rules and has nutritious ingredients like dulse(great for cleansing heavy metals)

Walnut Taco Salad (AM)


Walnut Taco Salad from work-Walnuts are used as the meat combined with spices and it tastes like real taco meat!

baked potato stuffed with mushrooms, onion,garlic topped with salad greens  (AM)


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